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My car needs towed. What do I do?


If your car needs towed, it’s likely that you’ve either broken down or been in a car accident. Regardless of the situation, chances are that you’re frazzled and not sure of what to do next. Many people rely completely on the police or their insurance company to make the decision of what towing company will be handling their car and where it will be towed, but you don’t have to let the decisions be made for you.


You have the right to decide who tows your car and where it ends up. Many insurance companies have contracts with towing companies and repair shops and will only provide you with these pre-contracted companies as options. It’s important for you to know that the insurance company does not have the final approval over your towing options. If you work with a specific repair shop or towing company, you have every right to request that your car be taken to that shop. The insurance company does not have the right to pressure you into using one of their affiliated companies/shops.


Once you’ve decided who you’d like to tow your car, you should also be aware of any fees that may accrue. It is impossible to determine who will be held responsible at the accident scene and what your insurance will cover. This will be determined by authorities and insurance companies at a later point. For this reason, it is important to know that you may be responsible for any towing and storage fees. Make sure that you ask your selected towing company and repair shop what towing and storage fees they charge, so that you’re prepared in case your insurance does not cover these fees.


With these decisions made and information gathered you can relax with the knowledge that your car is safely being serviced at the repair shop that you are comfortable with.

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